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8 Tips To Remember What You Read

Despite tele­vi­sion, cell phones, and Web “twit­ter,” tra­di­tional read­ing is still an impor­tant skill. Whether it is school text­books, tech man­u­als at work, or reg­u­lar books, peo­ple still read, though not as much as they used to. One rea­son that many peo­ple don’t read much is that they don’t read well. For them, it is slow, hard work and they don’t remem­ber as much as they should. Stu­dents, for example,may have to read some­thing sev­eral times before they under­stand and remem­ber what they read.Why? You would think that schools teach kids how to read well. Schools do try. I work with middle-school teach­ers (see http://peer.

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19 Oct
Alvaro Fernandez @AlvaroF
RT @ADErving: Want to remember what you #Read? Here are 8 great tips. http://t.co/WUspZ2TfzT