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Changing Your Brain By Changing Your Mind

Our lower brain centers, such as the amygdala or hypothalamus, were made to detect and respond to threats, such as a tiger about to eat us. They generate an immediate "fight ot flight" response to increase the odds of survival, but they can become hypersensitive, interfering with our ability to experience the present moment in an open and relaxed way. Daily meditation practice can help to correct this imbalance and allow us to retrain our minds so we are less likely to overreact with intense anger or fear to psychological threats, such as rejection. Being less chronically stressed can also help our immune systems function more efficiently to

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12 Nov
Melanie Greenberg @DrMelanieG
Changing Your Brain By Changing Your Mind | Psychology Today http://t.co/05uu6O8Tgm #mindfulness #research #brain #doctors