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Email Fatigue

Source: Experian Marketing Services

People opt out of email campaigns long before they hit the unsubscribe button. Relationships that began with anticipation for the promised goodies start to wane over time. In some cases, people leave because of natural attrition or limited needs. If your subscribers match your customer profile, this accounts for 10-15% of your unsubscribes. The rest leave because they were bored or overwhelmed.Email volume continues to increase at a double digit rate. According to Experian Marketing Services’ Quarterly Email Benchmark Study for second quarter, 2013, the overall increase over 2012 is 17.9%. The breakdown by industry is more interesting than the

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20 Sep
John Philpin @fractals
How to Keep Email Fatigue from Sabotaging Your Marketing and Ruining Relationships http://t.co/V8m7gMChZI