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“Grape-like aromas” keep mosquitoes at bay

The mosquito is my dad’s nemesis in the insect world. He will go to extraordinary lengths to secure his person from mosquito attack, roaming the corridors on night patrols and jamming mosquito repellent devices into every possible plug socket.Such devices are usually based on the chemical, N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, or DEET. The problem with DEET is it’s expensive, it has nasty effects on our own skin and mosquitos are evolving resistance to it.But replacing DEET has proven a tricky business, since we don’t really know exactly how it prevents mosquitoes zeroing in on their bloodbag human targets.A team of researchers from the University of

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19 Oct
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“Grape-like aromas” keep mosquitoes at bay http://t.co/uHFFnsLzcn