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How to Teach Children to Be Savvy Consumers: Let Them Spend

If children represent the future of this country, their financial habits may go a long way toward shaping this nation's economic health. But developing smart habits with money means starting financial education early. In 2011, Paul Solman visited Sesame Street to see how the Muppets were learning to save. More than one-third of American adults have $1,000 or less saved, perhaps as he explained, because they "can't calculate their way out of a paper bag." But Elmo was learning to do things differently, exercising self-control to delay acquiring his much longed for "stupendous ball." (See the broadcast segment above.)So how do you make your children

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19 Oct
Todd Smith @Cisco_Mobile
Here's how to Teach your Children how to manage Money http://t.co/4Etqfu5Zg8