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"No, You Do Not Need To Lose Weight!"

Recently I saw Betty* in my clinic. She is 44 years old and never had a “weight problem” till her 8 year-old only son met with a fatal road accident.That was 12 years ago. Since then she has steadily gained almost 10 pounds a year, which is why she is now 120 pounds heavier than she was at 32.This is a conversation I have had with hundreds of patients, who come to me seeking weight loss. Many of them are gaining even more weight than Betty every year – all of them want to dive straight into losing weight. They are desperate, ready to embark on the next diet or exercise program – even bariatric surgery – whatever it takes!I understand their desperation

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08 Oct
Drug Monkey @drugmonkeyblog
RT @TravisSaunders: Simply slowing weight gain can be a very positive achievement http://t.co/LGY0KPjseK via @drsharma